About Us

Carlton's Walk in the Park Foundation is the premier sponsor of an array of Summertime events in and around Carlton, Oregon. Proceeds from these charitable events are passed along to worthy causes and organizations that benefit all of the residents of our community. We hope you will become part of our efforts by attending our events — or becoming a donor or volunteer! As always, good fun for a good cause.

The original “Carlton’s Walk in the Park”— a food, wine, art and music event — after over a decade of giving back to the communities of Carlton and Yamhill, strolled off into the sunset in 2013. Since its inception in 2003, Carlton’s Walk in the Park raised over $300,000 to support local community and civic organizations including food banks, education, police and fire departments and athletics. This grassroots event began with the vision to give back and increase the social and economic viability of the communities of Yamhill and Carlton.

Carlton’s Walk in the Park brought together some of our most influential community leaders, a wide range of like-minded consumers, local and regional media recognition as well as a year-round effort to promote a truly unique event. Community sponsorship and volunteerism were imperative to its success and it exceeded its wildest expectations. To date Carlton’s Walk in the Park has:

Unfortunately, 2013 was the final year of the original event after a 10-year run. Ken Wright reminisced; “I think we can all be proud of the mark Carlton’s Walk in the Park has left on the community, local businesses and attendees. Although the event has come to an end, this is just the beginning of new things to come from our Great Little Town.”

—Carlton’s Walk in the Park Foundation